Alice is back!

CAP NEWS ALICEMay 27th – you’d better save the date!

Curious? Well you’d better be as that’s when the highly anticipated Alice Through the Looking Glass upcoming sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland, launches in the UK.

Most of the crew and cast have returned, including Tim Burton who directed the first film, who is now the producer, and of course Johnny Depp and Mia WaisKowska continue to play the lead characters.

The story goes along the lines of: Alice finds a looking glass, returns to the  nonsensical realm of Underland and finds Hatter has gone madder than ever!  We won’t tell you any more as you won’t go see the film!

Here at Crafty Arty Parties, our fantastical Alice in Wonderland Fun Days are taking shape – the lawns are mowed, the roses are freshly painted and the jam tarts are in the oven!

We have the props, the people and the pazazz ready to go, so if you’d like to know more about our sensational family themed events including private screenings, please contact:

Barbie Spy Squad

CAP NEWS BARBIE SPY SQUAD FLATCrafty Arty Parties were delighted to collaborate with Mattel again on the UK premiere of the DVD release of ‘Barbie Spy Squad’.

The basic storyline is centred around Barbie and her friends, who transform from hardworking gymnasts to undercover sector agents in this action packed adventure. With their amazing gymnastic skills catching the eye of a top secret spy agency, the girls are soon following clues to a gem stealing cat burglar. The film includes plenty of high tech gadgets, glam disguises and cute robo-pets!

Over 300 guests enjoyed the premiere at a top London cinema, including pre show entertainment and activities, a meet and greet with Barbie, and a spectacular gymnastic display before the film began. Bespoke props included giant gems and spy glasses, made by our themimg company

Barbie Spy Squad is on general release from 15th February 2016 – check out the official trailer at

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Daisy Ridley: Star Princess to Star Wars!

Just a short time ago, Daisy Ridley, who is now set for worldwide acclaim as one of the lead characters ‘Rey’ in the latest Star Wars blockbuster The Force Awakens, trained as one of fabulous Crafty Arty World Princesses! Check out the photo….

The European premier is due to take place on December 16th, and Daisy will walk the red carpet along with many famous Hollywood A-listers including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Lupita Nyong’o, as well as Director J.J Abrahams.

Not only has Daisy Ridley got loads of talent, but she had the best training in the events industry!

We cant wait to see the movie……

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Harrods Charity Event

CAP NEWS HARRODSAs the year comes to an end, Harrods, the world’s most famous department store, opened its doors to yet another sensational charity event; this time for good causes for children.

The theme this year, Once Upon a Christmas, proved a great hit as  youngsters enjoyed a day at the iconic emporium and a spectacular children’s Christmas Party. Many of  the UK’s charities were invited to take part in the festive fun, which included non-stop entertainment, music and dancing.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, stars of the Harrods 2015 Christmas campaign, Peter Pumpernickel and his good friend Poppy Peashoot,  made a highly anticipated guest appearance, posing for photos and the inevitable ‘selfies.’ The iconic Harrods Bear made an appearance too, and there was of course a visit from Santa who was as always, the highlight of the party!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Sneek. Peek. Reveal!

CAP NEWS SNEEK PEEKIt’s not that much of a secret that Christmas always comes early at Crafty Arty Parties. In fact, it starts way back in January when our many discerning clients set out their wish lists for ‘stand out’ events the following year.

During 2015, there have been many interesting concepts and ideas bouncing around corporate boardrooms, and although we can’t quite reveal all at this stage, we thought we would let you take a ‘sneak peek’ glimpse into the world of Crafty Arty Parties, and the inspiration for some of these imminent  events.

Themes this year have been clear cut- either traditional, opulent or just ‘out there,’ and I have to say we rather do like the ‘out there’ events!

We have had all sorts of briefs including a  Japanese inspired Fun Day,  a Jack and the Beanstalk Farmers Market and even a Secret Grotto inspired by King Ludwig’s fairytale castle in Neuschwanstein, the ones that were ‘de rigueur’ in gardens of wonderful country estates. Then you get the picture, right!?

Our prop company, Prop Dead Gorgeous is putting the finishing touches to some sensational props, and we are very excited to take delivery of our first herd of animatronic cows that you can actually milk (fake milk of course, darling)


For more details on some of the above events do visit our website in January 2016, where we will finally reveal all. In the meantime  if you’re organising an event in 2016 then please contact:

Want to build on Park Lane?

CAP NEWS MONOPOLYNot known to be shy on the creative front, Crafty Arty Parties were delighted to work on an unusual brief for a banking giant who wanted us to create a ‘stand out’ corporate family fun day based on the famous board game, ‘Monopoly.’

Monopoly in fact originated from the United States way back in the nineteen hundreds as a board game. It was intended to demonstrate that an economy which rewards wealth creation, is better than one in which monopolists work under fewer constraints!

Taking inspiration from its colourful history, and the fact that Monopoly has been locally licensed in more than 110 countries and printed in more than 40 languages, gave the Crafty Arty team more than enough background material to deliver a spectacular event full of chance, skill, risk and action!

A master of ceremonies was brought in to open the event as guests enjoyed the highs and lows of exciting entertainment and activities, based on either a ‘bull’ or ‘bear’ market!

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Minecraft. Kids. Team Building.

CAP NEWS - MINECRAFTYou could be forgiven for thinking that corporate Team Building was mainly reserved for adults right?


Well things have moved on…. big time. In fact they are so big if you’re a corporation and haven’t had a kids team building event, then where have you been!


BYKTWD (‘bring your kids to work day’) was all the rage a few years back and still is to a certain extent, but now at Crafty Arty Parties, we are seeing a shift in the way large companies are entertaining their clients and their families.


The events are still happening but the show is bigger and better, with substantial props, accessories and healthy competition with clearly defined winning teams… Or winners!  Even the theme is linked to what the company does…


Crafty Arty Parties was commissioned to deliver such an event, and the theme was based around the ever popular, fast growing Minecraft.  Youngsters were encouraged to create their own experiences, letting their imaginations do the talking………..


Key party entertainment and activities focused on four main elements: Survival, Creative, Hardcore, and Spectator Mode! Live Animals, Sporting Challenges, Science Experiments and Artistic Adventures added to the fun with plenty of surprises and rewards along the way for all!


If you would like more information on how Crafty Arty Parties can help your company deliver the  a bespoke Family Entertainment Experience then contact

Movie Magic

CAP NEWS MOVIE MAGICWith the first six months of the year seeming to have flown by, here at Crafty Arty Parties we have had the opportunity to be part of some great film premiers, private screenings and after show parties!

However we feel the best is yet to come, and with some of the most exciting films due to be released in the second half of the year, there is never a better time to book a ‘private screening’ for your clients to enjoy.

Here’s some of the brilliant family films set for UK release between August and December:

  • Fantastic Four
  • Hotel Transylvania 2
  • Pan
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Fantastic Four
  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The   Peanuts Movie
  • Star Wars – The Force Awakens

We particularly can’t wait for Disneys ‘Star Wars’ as one of our original Crafty Arty Princesses, Daisy Ridley has the leading female role – go Team Daisy!

For more information on how Crafty Arty Parties can help you enjoy an exclusive private screening including venue sourcing,  theming and prop hire, pre show entertainment and activities, then please please email

Christmas is coming!

CAP NEWS CHRISTMAS THEMESAt the time of posting, Christmas may only be 202 days away, but in the World of Crafty Arty Parties that is NO time at all!

In fact, at the beginning of the year after all the debriefs and congratulations, we have no time at all to rest on our laurels. It’s full steam ahead coming up with new creatives and then getting them into production before the festive party season starts.

Crazy as it seems, in OUR world our first festive event rolls out in July, so as you can see we are always running rather than walking. In between all that, we have family fundays, private screenings and goodness knows what else to fit in.

So what’s ‘on trend’ this year for all things Yuletide?

Well, the good news is that as always, traditional parties are still as popular as ever, BUT our clients are certainly getting more adventurous and willing to dip their festive toes into something out of the ordinary. 

Some of our brilliant and totally bespoke themes this year include:

Dr Dolittle’s Christmas Adventure
Dick Whittington’s Travel
The Magic Theatre
Frosted Fairytales
Journey to the North Pole
The Land of  Sweets
Polar Playground
Toy Kingdom


We promise you – they are amazing! In fact, loads of the props are already made and on display in our theming company Props Dead Gorgeous showrooms. Why not come down and see them for yourself OR if you want more information on any of the above then email


Grease makes a comeback!

CAP News GreaseWith the exciting live musical of Fox’s ‘Grease’ fast approaching, Crafty Arty Parties is counting down the days as this iconic very popular musical, originally created by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, continues to be a favourite theme with our clients for their corporate events.

Whether it’s  family funday or evening soiree, ‘Grease’ is a timeless classic and, in fact even today,  the musical remains one of the longest running shows on broadway receiving countless awards including seven Tony nominations.

Fast forward to 2015, Crafty Arty Parties takes ‘retro’ to a whole new level as they recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the film and turn it into the ‘Funday of all Fundays!’

We will take you through the gates of ‘Rydell High,’ the ‘Movie Drive-in’ and ‘Monkey Gas Garage’ where you can build a motor bike. Then there’s the ‘Frosty Palace Malt Shop’ and ‘Pink Ladies Salon’ where you can make your own cosmetics and enjoy a chemistry class with Frenchie!  Don’t forget too to visit ‘Venice Beach,’ the ‘Bowling Alley,’ take part in the ‘Dance Off,’ have fun at the ‘Carnival’ and SO much more besides……

 For more information on our themed family fundays, email