Want to build on Park Lane?

CAP NEWS MONOPOLYNot known to be shy on the creative front, Crafty Arty Parties were delighted to work on an unusual brief for a banking giant who wanted us to create a ‘stand out’ corporate family fun day based on the famous board game, ‘Monopoly.’

Monopoly in fact originated from the United States way back in the nineteen hundreds as a board game. It was intended to demonstrate that an economy which rewards wealth creation, is better than one in which monopolists work under fewer constraints!

Taking inspiration from its colourful history, and the fact that Monopoly has been locally licensed in more than 110 countries and printed in more than 40 languages, gave the Crafty Arty team more than enough background material to deliver a spectacular event full of chance, skill, risk and action!

A master of ceremonies was brought in to open the event as guests enjoyed the highs and lows of exciting entertainment and activities, based on either a ‘bull’ or ‘bear’ market!

If you would like more information on family fun days or themed corporate events, please contact: kitty@craftyartyparties.com