Minecraft. Kids. Team Building.

CAP NEWS - MINECRAFTYou could be forgiven for thinking that corporate Team Building was mainly reserved for adults right?


Well things have moved on…. big time. In fact they are so big if you’re a corporation and haven’t had a kids team building event, then where have you been!


BYKTWD (‘bring your kids to work day’) was all the rage a few years back and still is to a certain extent, but now at Crafty Arty Parties, we are seeing a shift in the way large companies are entertaining their clients and their families.


The events are still happening but the show is bigger and better, with substantial props, accessories and healthy competition with clearly defined winning teams… Or winners!  Even the theme is linked to what the company does…


Crafty Arty Parties was commissioned to deliver such an event, and the theme was based around the ever popular, fast growing Minecraft.  Youngsters were encouraged to create their own experiences, letting their imaginations do the talking………..


Key party entertainment and activities focused on four main elements: Survival, Creative, Hardcore, and Spectator Mode! Live Animals, Sporting Challenges, Science Experiments and Artistic Adventures added to the fun with plenty of surprises and rewards along the way for all!


If you would like more information on how Crafty Arty Parties can help your company deliver the  a bespoke Family Entertainment Experience then contact kitty@craftyartyparties.com