Alice is back!

CAP NEWS ALICEMay 27th – you’d better save the date!

Curious? Well you’d better be as that’s when the highly anticipated Alice Through the Looking Glass upcoming sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland, launches in the UK.

Most of the crew and cast have returned, including Tim Burton who directed the first film, who is now the producer, and of course Johnny Depp and Mia WaisKowska continue to play the lead characters.

The story goes along the lines of: Alice finds a looking glass, returns to the  nonsensical realm of Underland and finds Hatter has gone madder than ever!  We won’t tell you any more as you won’t go see the film!

Here at Crafty Arty Parties, our fantastical Alice in Wonderland Fun Days are taking shape – the lawns are mowed, the roses are freshly painted and the jam tarts are in the oven!

We have the props, the people and the pazazz ready to go, so if you’d like to know more about our sensational family themed events including private screenings, please contact: