Christmas is coming!

CAP NEWS CHRISTMAS THEMESAt the time of posting, Christmas may only be 202 days away, but in the World of Crafty Arty Parties that is NO time at all!

In fact, at the beginning of the year after all the debriefs and congratulations, we have no time at all to rest on our laurels. It’s full steam ahead coming up with new creatives and then getting them into production before the festive party season starts.

Crazy as it seems, in OUR world our first festive event rolls out in July, so as you can see we are always running rather than walking. In between all that, we have family fundays, private screenings and goodness knows what else to fit in.

So what’s ‘on trend’ this year for all things Yuletide?

Well, the good news is that as always, traditional parties are still as popular as ever, BUT our clients are certainly getting more adventurous and willing to dip their festive toes into something out of the ordinary. 

Some of our brilliant and totally bespoke themes this year include:

Dr Dolittle’s Christmas Adventure
Dick Whittington’s Travel
The Magic Theatre
Frosted Fairytales
Journey to the North Pole
The Land of  Sweets
Polar Playground
Toy Kingdom


We promise you – they are amazing! In fact, loads of the props are already made and on display in our theming company Props Dead Gorgeous showrooms. Why not come down and see them for yourself OR if you want more information on any of the above then email