Unicorns are go!

Unicorns are in, in and in again!

Great to see that there is no stopping the current trends for ‘anything’ Unicorns. They seem to ‘be’ and ‘on’ everywhere from fashion apparel, wallpaper to biscuits, there is no stoping this popular mythical beasts ambitions!

It is therefore with great pleasure that the CAW team found themselves preparing our fabulous custom made life size rainbow horses complete with flapable wings,  light up horns, tails and manes (yes you heard it here first) ready for a spectacular Summer event

Thanks to propdeadgoregous.com who had plenty of eco friendly glitter to add to the mix, these stunning props are ready for some serious partying complete with a stunning magical forest, everlasting sunsets,  giant pots of gold and the worlds prettiest fairy of course!!

If you would like to know more about our sensational family fundays, corporate events or Christmas parties then please contact Kitty direct on kitty.ebdon@craftyartyparties.com or call 01300 345397