Cracking Christmas Props!

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Here at Crafty Arty World the Christmas season is in full swing!

Our prop hire and theming division, Prop Dead Gorgeous, have warehouses brimming with festive props, from Crystal Christmas Grottos to Sparkling Santa’s Sleighs to giant Marshmellow Mirrors!

Many stunning installations have been commissioned for 2014 by Shopping Centres through our retail division Big Footfall, where as Crafty Arty Parties, experts in Corporate Events, including Private Screenings have been busy preparing for a red carpet affair of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!

Tikes & Tiaras our private division for ‘elite children’s parties by appointment’ has just won a tender for a sensational child’s 1st Birthday party 2015 with an ‘open budget’  but with a very ‘pink’ brief – we can’t wait!

For more information on what Prop Dead Gorgeous can do for you, please e-mail Gemma Taylor at

Private Screenings

Want the red carpet experience? Then a private screening of the latest blockbuster is just what you need! Crafty Arty Parties prestigious private screenings are a fantastic way of screening a film – be it the latest children’s block buster or classic family favourite.

Perfect for adults and children alike, our private screening services offer fantastic pre-show entertainment, props and theming provided by our sister company Prop Dead Gorgeous, venue sourcing – whether that be a private or commercial screen – catering to brands and gifts and are of course, great value for money!

Here at Crafty Arty Parties, we are often surprised at how many corporate clients have not enjoyed a private screening or even considered them, often thinking that they are too expensive…

Well the good news is they are not, if you know where to go and plan in advance.

If you want to know more, e-mail Heather Mitchell:

CAW Newspaper Launch!


Welcome to your brand new edition of CAW Business, featuring the latest and best news for the events and retail industries.

You don’t have to live in Rapunzel’s Tower to know what makes a great event! Whether it’s original themes for Family Fundays, dazzling Children’s Christmas Parties or prestigious Private Screenings, our corporate children’s event division Crafty Arty Parties have it all covered!

Are you tired of being ripped off with old, over-priced props that everyone has seen before? Then our specialist, in-house prop hire and theming company Prop Dead Gorgeous can help you. Inside CAW Business you will find original, innovative and bespoke props, available exclusively from Prop Dead Gorgeous.

If you’re looking for exciting brand and retail promotions, then Big Footfall, CAW’s latest company specialising in family-focused live experimental events, is giving away some top-secret tips and new ideas for retailers and brands.

If you’re still stuck for festive events this Christmas 2014, don’t panic!.. There is all this and more inside Winter 2014’s issue of CAW Business. Add to this a full feature on the January launch of the CAW Charitable Foundation, plus your chance of an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records… In CAW Business, we have it all covered!

To get your free copy of CAW Business then please email:

Wizards are back!

After months and months of preparations and secret planning, the countdown is on as Crafty Arty Parties are preparing for a rather special Halloween event this week, and are glad to say that ‘Wizards’ are back! (Did they ever go away? Of course not…..!)

Prop Dead Gorgeous, our theming company, has been on overload – designing and building a fantastic Ghostly Festival with giant Games Pitches,  Magical Shops, and a huge Animatronic Book for a rather special ‘storytelling’ reveal!

Light up your life this Diwali!


This Thursday marks the celebration of Diwali and here at Crafty Arty World we are celebrating with a bang!

Diwali – also known as the Festival of Light – is an ancient Hindu celebration, taking place in Autumn every year and spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness over five days.

Throughout the week Crafty Arty World will be celebrating Diwali through our retail division Big Footfall.

In honour of one of the key parts of the festival, the lighting of Diyas (lamps and candles) Crafty Arty World’s prop hire and theming division Prop Dead Gorgeous have been busy creating our very own selection of bright and colourful lamp props to hire – and here is just one of them:

Let us know what you think!

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