A Whole New World!

Crafty Arty World has won a prestigious contract to deliver a series of ‘Whole New World’ themed installations based around the adventures of various Disney characters.

Currently in production for the next six months, this exciting brief involves working with some of the UK’s top entertainers and singers both in UK and Europe.

That aside and with the festive season almost upon us, the CAW team are busy preparing for some stand out corporate events with a variety of wide and varied briefs. Production is beavering away, seamstresses are sewing new wardrobes, grottos are going up and baubles are being hung and yes, we do know it’s still only October…

If you would like to know more about CAW event services, whether it’s organising a corporate family fun day, Christmas party, retail activation or prop hire then please get in touch kitty.ebdon@craftyartyworld.com

Big Footfall to the Rescue!

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds theses days and none more so than in the retail world, with many global brands long launching their own eco initiatives and pledges.

2019 has seen a further major drive in shopping centres across the UK and Big Footfall® has been the ‘go to’ company to deliver some stand out ‘save the planet’ campaigns during school holidays.

Eyecatching and thought provoking installations with props provided by our own in house theming company propdeadgorgeous.com have captured everyone’s attention, along with an assortment of interactive experiences ranging from fun mobile pantomimes, upscaling workshops, to photo opportunities and meet and greet custom-made characters.

The battle to save the planet is an on-going drive here at Big Footfall® and if you would like to know more about how BFF® can help your centre increase footfall and boost tenant sales whilst doing your bit for the environment, then contact kitty.ebdon@craftyartyworld.com or telephone +44 (0)1300 345 310.

Prop Hire!

It’s been a crazy year so far for our prop division propdeadgorgeous.com with some unusual requests…

Summer has seen a surge in our film production with some exciting installations set to hit the big screen in the Autumn, as well as some fun requests to support big names!

We are loving the new Lego Discover in Real Life activation for the Hammerson Group, and we also had a huge amount of fun delivering a collection of some standout family events across its portfolio for this award-winning corporation.

Christmas sees some exciting new brands coming on board, and thanks to our amazing production team full of talented humans, our shiny new Grottos are nearing completion – we can’t wait to do the big reveal!!

If you are interested in finding out more about how Prop Dead Gorgeous can help you, visit www.propdeadgorgeous.com or email kitty.ebdon@craftyartyworld.com

Fabulous Fun Days

We just love it when the sun is shining, the trucks are loaded and we are on the road to deliver another truly standout corporate fun day. 

Great venues, excited clients and excess creativity is at the heart of CAW events – it’s what we thrive on!!

So when when the opportunity to design, create and produce a flagship fun day for one of the world’s largest investment banks came up – we pitched, we delivered and we conquered in magnificent style…

Over 2,000 guests enjoyed a day full of entertainment and activities with multi marquees, ensuring guests of all ages had their ‘own spaces’ to chill, dance, sing and ride – literally. 

Giant funfairs, zen spas complete with waterfalls, famous singers, huge animated puppets, boy’s toys and tot’s town were a huge hit, along with family games, competitions and non-stop surprises!

If you would like to know more about how the CAW Group can bring your next event to life – whether it’s a corporate fun day, Christmas Party, retail installation or prop hire, then please contact kitty.ebdon@craftyartyworld.com

New Grottos 2019

Half way through the year (well almost) and our festive Grottos are well underway.

Clients brief this year have been varied to say the least from traditional Candy Cane, Winter Wonderland, Treasure Island to a magnificent ‘five-in-one’ grotto already in commission. This top secret installation is truly magical but our lips are sealed who the lucky recipient will be!

Particularly popular are our open plan grottos, for those with smaller spaces – take a look at our fabulous Enchanted Forest – perfect for retail outlets!

If you are interested in finding out more about how Prop Dead Gorgeous® can help you with your Christmas installations, theme your next event however unusual it may be, or for more general prop hire visit www.propdeadgorgeous.com Alternatively if you would like to arrange a private visit our showrooms contact: Kitty Ebdon on 01300 345310 or email: kitty.ebdon@craftyartyworld.com

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