Big Footfall® is an award winning retail events and promotions company and part of the renowned Crafty Arty World Group ( specialising in shopping centres and key brand events.

With a full time team of highly skilled professionals that includes dedicated account managers, marketeers, promotion specialists, in house creative team, events crews and a prop hire company (, we have everything you need to design, produce, deliver and run an award winning campaign that doesn’t exhaust your budget but gets results you’ve been looking for.

2018 has been an outstanding year for Big Footfall®. The BFF team have delivered a wide range of events including fashion and beauty installations, kids clubs, sustainability initiatives, seasonal campaigns, Christmas Grottos, to immersive interactive experiences at shopping centres across the country ranging from historical productions, family fun, film festivals, fiestas to educational pop ups.

If you would like to know more about what Big Footfall® can do or how we can help you at your next event you then need to be talking to us now. Why not book a complimentary meeting in with our fabulous team to see how we can increase centre footfall and drive sales for 2019. Contact Nadine at for more information